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Disk CleanUp is a program designed to clear previously deleted files
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Disk CleanUp is a little utility that was created to clear files that you deleted previously.
Usually when you just delete a file it will be just removed from the file's directory entry while the data remains on the disk. Using this program will eliminate completely and eternally the contents and files you deleted.

The program will provide you with options, which will enable you to specify NSA approved disk erasure method and the priority of background execution. It can work with all FAT16 and FAT 32 hard drives in addition to Microsoft Windows NTFS volumes. You can adjust the program to optionally delete temporary files from user-defined browser and the web browser.

A new feature has been added, the Disk Wipe, which is a little console utility that functions in the same way as the program but can also be used with batch command files or MS DOS.

Also it can be adjusted to optionally put its program icon in the tray of the task bar notification. It cleans Web Browser Temporary Files Folder, Cookies Folder, History Folder, MS Windows Recent Files Folder, 4 other folder options

Other features:
Place Icon in Toolbar Tray
Minimize Program Icon at Startup
Confirm Program Exit
Log all operations to Disk
Warning sounds with Dialog Boxes
Can run automatically at Windows Startup

Shareware 30 day trial

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  • Vista enabled


  • Cleans one drive at a time
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